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We are a Private Christian School that realizes its responsibility before God to mold and shape the life and character of each child.


Now enrolling for 2022 – 2023 School Year.

Classes Available for:
K4 Program
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade

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We are hiring teachers for all grades!

Your Children Are Our Top Priority

We believe that all children are a gift of God; that school and home should work together to develop the whole child. Spiritual, emotional, and educational growth comes through loving and nurturing interactions.

We offer developmentally appropriate curriculum for all ages and stages! We are committed to growing all children in their inherent, unique, and special gifts. It is our goal to provide our students with a safe, caring, and nurturing environment where educational experiences will lead them to their brighter future.


Our Staff & Teachers

A Lighthouse for Kids requires all employees to submit to a background and criminal records check. Once hired, our employees obtain CPR, First Aid, and Blood-borne Pathogens training as well as become mandatory reporters of child abuse. We provide our teachers with enhanced Child Development training. Our teachers are training and committed to enriching the lives of the children they serve.

Student Ratio

A Lighthouse for Kids offers learning environments with lower student/teacher ratios than those required by Texas State Minimum Standards. Our lower ratios foster the teachers desire to better instruct and assist the children they serve.

Nutrition Matters

At a Lighthouse for Kids, we understand the importance of healthy & nutrient-rich foods. We intend to incorporate fresh, whole foods in the crafting of our students’ menu. Students are taught to feed their body to make them strong, healthy, and give them energy all day. We offer all students a morning and afternoon snack as well as a warm lunch daily.

Safety & Security

Safety is a top priority for A Lighthouse for Kids. That’s why we’ve implemented a very secure system for our campus, and only those authorized with a security FOB can enter the building. Our facility is equipped with a Closed Circuit Monitoring System throughout all classrooms, play areas playgrounds. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is in a safe and secure Christian environment while you are at work!

Great benefits you get from enrolling your child in our private Christian school.

  • All curriculium is age appropriate.

  • Bible based teaching and learning.

  • Smaller class sizes allows more time for teachers with each student.

  • Students progress at their own pace.

  • No mask or vaccine requirements, your child, your choice!

  • Safe and secured facility at all times.

  • Affordable private schooling for nearly every household budget!

Our Programs

K2 Program

(2 years old)

In our toddler program, children acquire verbal skills, small and gross motor skills, and potty training skills. Our teachers have been carefully selected to provide a warm and nurturing environment that will give each child an opportunity to experience greater independence, a positive self-image, and a love for learning. We understand that a child learns best from the environment that surrounds them. Therefore, it is very important to us to create a safe, friendly, and creative space for children to grow and learn. Once a child demonstrates readiness for potty training, we will work together with parents to support their child in mastering this skill.

K3 Program

(3 years old)

In the three’s program, children acquire more advanced verbal skills, small and gross motor skills, and master potty training skills. Teachers aim to create an inviting and exciting environment with planned activities that students look forward to every day. It is A Lighthouse for Kid’s teaching philosophy to view each child as a unique individual. Therefore, we look at each child’s developmental readiness rather than their chronological age. This approach promotes opportunities for social interaction, creativity, learning, and exploration.

K4 Program

(4 and 5 years old)

In the pre-kindergarten program, children acquire more academic skills. Our teachers provide a warm and nurturing environment that will give each child an opportunity to experience greater independence, a positive self-image, and a love for learning. It is very important for us to create a safe, friendly and creative space for children to grow and learn. Since the pre-k program is an academically structured program, our teachers create lesson plans that are exciting, engaging, and explorative. Teachers aim to create an exciting and inviting environment that students look forward to every day.

School Age Program

(Kindergarten – 3rd grade)

Our school program uses ABEKA curriculum and can have a positive influence on students in terms of better attitudes toward school, higher academic performance, and a deeper engagement in learning. A Lighthouse for Kids offers a program with opportunities for students to engage in an environment that develops social skills. Our program offers smaller student to teacher ratios and academic support, supervised access to technology resources, provides hands-on crafts and science activities, and an opportunity to experience visual and performing arts. Our school-age students have a large outdoor space created to encourage fitness and group activities.

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